Au revoir for a while

Not that anyone actually reads this, (*self pities*) but this is goodbye for a while.

Pfft, I could SO be Julie Andrews if I wanted to
*inserts generic Austrian picture*

Pouquoi? You may ask, if you are pretentious like me and put French in at every chance you get. Or, you know, you’re French. Well, this is why: I’m off to Austria with the family. This is going to be a walking, mountainous kind of holiday, visiting castles and exploring the wilderness (and possibly singing about the state of life within the hills). Which should be interesting considering that I’m rather… ahem… unfit right now. Hopefully after a few weeks of walking I will be as fit as a fiddle and not so blindingly pale (I actually look a tiny bit blue-tinged in sunlight. It’s not pretty).

Can’t we come back when it’s winter and beautiful and there are no diggers?

I’m not entirely sure that I’m looking forward to it. For one, I don’t always get on so well with the Family, especially when it’s such a small number of us in a little room and no where to hide. I might end up spending a disproportionate amunt of my time in the loo, reading my book with the shower on just to get some space. And dinners are going to be awkward. I just hate those awkward silences that stretch between us, taught and tense like an elastic band pulled tight. Additionally, the place that we are going through is going through rennovations and building whilst we’re there. (???) So it’s very possibly that our ears will be plagued by the sound of drilling and that throughout our stay which should be, um, nice.

So for now, whilst I “relax”, I leave you with a song and the message that I will be back soooooon, to write more boring blog posts that no one cares about (*swims languidly in a swimming pool of self-pity indulgence*)

See you, F x


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