Two Very Different Films that I watched (and loved)

Far From The Madding Crowd

This quite frankly beautiful adaptation of the book (that I was prompted by the film to go out and read) left me… breathless. It was so odd. Walking out of the cinema and through the darkened streets, that iridescent orange glow on the dew-speckled paving stones, I felt like I was floating. And all the while I had the sound, the lilting violins and frantic piano, the sound of the film washing over me like water, a cascading waterfall of music. Okay. That sounded pretentious.

But it was lovely, and it has given me a completely new appreciation and awe for the truly marvelous and incredibly talented Carey Mulligan. (I now very slightly want to be her, or have her be a family friend who I see at Christmas parties and hero-worship).

told you about the horses

The story is so devastating and… I don’t know why but the words bleached and whitewashed came into mind. I think perhaps because that’s how it leaves, walking down the street on a Tuesday night, like you’ve been stripped bare and scoured clean and pure and pushed back out into a strange, dark world that you can no longer quite understand doesn’t have sheep in it.

I think that Carey Mulligan did such a wonderful job of portraying Bathsheba, as sort of proud but vulnerable and above all young and filled with longing for excitement and love. It was filmed really beautifully as well, making me now want to just hike out into the English countryside and spend my days traipsing around the fields in sunrise and twilight and sleeping in between.

That Sunlight, though

It filled me with chills, to be honest, and it was so strange because… well such a lot happened and quite a lot of dramatic, and yet it washed over you so gently in the way that things do in life, really. You get hooked on one big dramatic event and then it passes and is almost forgotten, and it is only in looking back that you realise how very much there was. It was just so lovely!

But, then again, I’m a bit of a sucker for “Period Dramas”, women in long dresses and men with waistcoats riding on horses and any kind of singing (cough, Carey Mulligan).



Okay, so this one is a bit of an “oldie” that probably everyone in the entire world will have heard of and watched except me, but I’m going to talk about it anyways. 

So it’s talked about as a dark comedy, and it is truly hilarious, but what I liked about it most was the fantastic Veronica Sawyer or just Winona Ryder in general. An amazing actor, she also seems to have great taste and judgement in choosing what films to become involved with, from Little Women (just so lovely), to Beetlejuice (she is the best goth-daughter ever) to Edward Scissor-hands (no words required) to Girl Interrupted. You can tell how dedicated she is to each and every part she takes on, and though she always does sort of play the intelligent, slightly different girl, all of her characters are very different and diverse, and she plays them all so well. I also really admire the way that she, like Meryl Streep, didn’t really get sucked into the playing the just a “Pretty Girl” parts. She plays interesting and usually funny roles and, despite being very beautiful (like Meryl Streep)  doesn’t make this one characteristic define all of her roles.

She’s just so darn cool.

And then moving on the JD, who would be so utterly and completely swoonworthy if he wasn’t such a maniac. Actually he’s still pretty swoonworthy despite this, let’s face it. A brilliant social commentator and with a quirky, dressed-in-black, screw-society kind of attitude which is just so goshdarn appealing, JD is the kind of person who comes out with “Chaos killed the dinosaurs, darling.” Just… swoon. If anyone ever said hello to me with a “Greetings and Salutations” I would probably split my face with grinning.

Okay, I just melted

Anyway, it’s a great film and it’s actually so unexpected. Added to this, it’s just so full of eighties style that it’s like being steeped like a teabag in someone else’s nostalgia – and I love it! But if you haven’t watched it, don’t go and watch the trailer, kay? Because it’s rubbish and it spoils like all of the story, which quite a lot of these eighties trailers seem to do. I don’t think they understood how to advertise films.

But Yeah. There are some films that were pretty good.

OH! And in other new, “My Mad Fat Diary” is starting on TV again pretty soon and I am buzzing 


I blame Mad Fat Diary for the annoyance I evoke upon my friends for repeatedly saying “I love the 90s, I wish I grew up in the 90s” Sorry for that… but it’s going to start again 🙂


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