No, no I’m actually not referencing Hetalia, this time. And no I’m not trying to say Pasta in an american or Irish or Any other kind of accent. I’m not even falling off a cliff whilst eating well known Italian Specialties that have been adopted all around the world (seriously, saw a place that called itself “Chinese-Style Mediterranean Pizzeria”. Was seriously confused.

Okay, he’s cute and all but why is his hair reflective? Either it’s really greasy, in which case eww, or it’s made out of, like, bronze.

No! I’m tres excitamunded because today I *asks for drumroll*

*is met with eye-rolls and indifference*



*Does her own damn drumroll*


And I don’t mean I cooked pasta. I made it! Out of, like, dough! Because, you see, we bought Dad a pasta-maker for Christmas and we finally tried it out today. All it is is this little metal contraption that you trun the handle of and it squishes and rolls it out between two spinny-cyllinders and… wow. Best description EVER. *saracstic head shake*

Just look at the pretty picture, kay?

We even improvised a pasta rack out of two undbended metal coat hangers stretched out over two chairs

And it was so fun…

And tasted so good…

And was probably, like, ten times the amount of calories of normal pasta which is vraiment calorifique anyway…

But it tasted so good!

Garrrg… I’m going to go get into my nice loose pyjammas

From elastic-waist trousered pasta bliss, F x

P.S – what on earth do all of those random letters when you click on google images mean? It’s like, google is just but images has like W=weujIOHYGYBIEHUHIOMHBHBUHUSHU athuser idijGAAHH + AGhsij3doj at the end of it.

I had something which looked like this. T’was niiiice

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