Dear WordPress, why must you change?

I liked you so very much before, you were simple and easy to use. I liked the format WordPress, I thought it worked fine. Better than the new one anyway. You don’t seem to understand, WordPress, when I tell you things. You see to feel like it’s your duty to change the layout every so often so’s we bloggers don’t get bored. Oh WordPress! What are you like! We aren’t that flighty and fickle! We won’t skedaddle off to google blogging just because you dare to keep the layout the same for a while. We love you just the way you are, you know.

Blogging, I always think, isn’t like that bit when you first start dating someone- it’s marriage. A long and serious commitment that some people like the thought of and some people avoid like the plague. Every so often in a marriage someone¬†will stop being quite so happy and normal- maybe annoyed at the other one. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love you- you don’t have to change to “liven things up”. They fell in love with you for you, not for this new person you’re trying to become.

Oh, WordPress, why must you change?

*adopts 1920s urchin voice* You said it mister!

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