A lot of so called modern art is… not really what you might call art. I’ve seen a blow up bouncy castle and radio positioned in an abandoned swimming pool called an art exhibition and… it leaves me wondering, is it really art? Some modern art you look at and you think “Wow… that… that’s really clever.” But other times, although supposedly having some defining, enduring message of truth and honour and global warming, it just doesn’t really look as if it took very much skill.

I’m not saying that I don’t like modern art, some of it can be really cool and at times quite amazing. Other times? Not so much. It feels like some people say that they like modern art because they think that it makes them clever to pretend that they appreciate it- makes them feel a bit superior, you know? But then, I guess, I’m not them so maybe they actually do love it and ‘m just being a judgmental, cynical little being. But when I see a canvas with two orange stripes and a blue triangle with an essay length description of what it MEANS, I do start to wonder just a little bit.                                    

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