Ladies first? I think not.

Have you ever thought about those “chivalrous” males? The ones who let the girls get on the bus first, stand up when a girl walks into the room, holds the door for every female. Recently, our bus driver told the boys to wait for the girls to alight before they started to charge on, and this really irritated me. Now granted, they push and shove their way on until one of them ends up trapped in the door face down (it’s a school bus, what can I say?) but the implication that we were unable to handle this, as if we were too meek and too mild to deal with it, that we needed to be let on first because it was “right” and “polite”, well it bothered me.

None of my friends seemed to mind because the way they saw it, we get first pick of the seats, but isn’t this just another form of sexism? Sexism in pretty packaging but sexism all the same. So maybe it’s just me. I mean, I have grown up in a household of all females, brought up on 60s female pop (which featured a lot of sad “a man let me down” songs) and I could only name two or three marriages I know of that I think are actually quite happy. However, I really do think that creating this distinction between the girls and the boys just plants that seed in people’s brains that we are different. Biologically, we are a little different but otherwise we should be equals and this sort of attitude counters this.

Now, I know that many people would say that this is polite and good manners because boys are more rough than girls but that’s just it! That’s a less extreme version of the whole “women are meek and mild” opinion. You could also look at some of my earlier examples, like standing up when a female enters the room as sort of… chivalrous. I really don’t think that that kind of chivalry is a good thing. Let us not forget that in the days of said chivalry, women were sold and bought like cattle from father to husband, thought only good for child bearing and house keeping.

I don’t know, maybe I am being a little bit extreme but to me any type of distinction between male and female in things like this is just wrong. I don’t even care if the sexism works out better for females because it’s still creating that distinction and where some people don’t seem to mind that, I do. I just think of how unfair I would think it was if I had to let the males on the bus first simply because they were male. So. Um. Yeah. Right? The only thing they’ve got that we haven’t is a Y chromosome! Um… Yeah!

This is pantene’s ad that I think fits quite well with this. This advert makes me punch the air and go “yes, man!” Well. Not literally, I watched it first in our school ICT suite so for starters, I’d get some very strange looks. But I wanted to. Anyway, I know this is designed to sell a product and some people are saying “all it’s really saying is that to be strong your hair has to shine and you have to be pretty” but eh, I like it 🙂

Bye F x

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