Book review- The Savages

I decided that I would write a book review, I like books, I like to talk about books and hence, book review.

So… The Book!

The Savages book
Just me who’s reminded of the Adams family?

Name: The Savages

Characters: Sasha Savage- the eldest daughter of the family, pretty, intelligent, caring and strong, but sometimes a little bit sick of the family’s suffocating ways, she’s  just acquired a boyfriend, his name is

Jack- Handsome, clever  and charming. And Vegetarian. Uh. Oh.

Ivan Savage- The son of the family. Pretty much a psychopath, Ivan is unable to understand sadness and causes most of the problems the families encounter.

Titus Savage: The father of the family. He’s very protective of his family and holds them to the family values. He believes that the family feasts are the key to how close the family is. He’s a very successful business man and he wants his son to follow in his footsteps.

Angelic Savage: The mother. Beautiful and elegant, Angelica is a fantastic cook and Titus is devoted to her.

Katia Savage: The youngest daughter and the baby in the picture. Cute, isn’t she? Katia has not yet taken part in the feast tradition, but Titus is anxious that she should soon.

The Granddad (I can’t remember his name…): The one who started the family tradition and later migrated with the whole family to England. He’s old and his mind is gradually slipping and he can only eat his food when it is liquidized. But he’s always up in the attic when your in the need for a chat.

Vernon English: A private detective determined to get his big break. And he has a feeling that the Savages are the Key to it…

So, the Savages have a secret, a big secret. A secret that could rip their perfect little world apart.

savagesThey eat people.



Yeah, you read right.

They eat HUMANS.

Now, I’m not talking everyday here, just every once in a while, when they have something to celebrate. They have a feast. They look out for their victim in advance, picking someone who won’t be missed, who’s healthy, who will make delicious eating.

the savages

Because the thing about the Savages is that they CARE about food. Food is their life, food is their tradition, the secret of the food they eat is what binds them together. So um. Yeah. That’s the secret of the Savage

the savages knuckle sandwhich literally
A knuckle sandwich, literally

Now don’t worry. The Savage’s secret is not the big reveal at the end of the story, so I haven’t spoiled anything. All that I’m going to say on the matter is… This book was awesome. Really amazingly brilliantly awesome. It’s darkly funny and oddly easy to relate to. So, long story short- I love it!

ew egg
Fancy an egg, anyone?

So what are other people saying about it?

“A really original and enjoyable teenage read, darkly wicked!”

“The Adams family meets Desperate Housewives. I loved every page and will  be highly recommending it in the future.”

“If the thought of reading about cannibals turns your stomach, don’t let  it dissuade you from reading this. After all, they only eat people for special  occasions.”

“The Savages was one of the best train journey’s home I ever had… It’s like a check list of everything I want in a book.”

If I only had one word to describe it, it would have to be

cannibals white

stars  4 1/2 Stars 😀

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