I think my life may be over… Or at least a great deal worse

It has happened. It never even crossed my mind that it could ever occur to me. I keep on feeling so self-pitying, just thinking Why me? Why me? Why me? Okay, here it is… My laptop has broken and it will not be fixed and so I have lost everything. All my itunes, all my documents, all of my images… I feel like my life has been ripped away from me and Okay, whilst I know that that is really over dramatic it makes me so sad. My little laptop took me through thick and thin, hard times, easy times. I watched my first Danisnotonfire video there. I read my first GHB blog there. The first time I downloaded a David Bowie song onto my iPod was on there!

All of the things I bookmarked, that I wanted to come back to but didn’t think I would find again- all gone!

I had over 50 beginnings of stories- some over 8000 words!- ugh… I just feel so lost.

I know I’m being really mopey and boring but I just feel so deflated and sad. My life was on that laptop. My whole life.

Also Lou Reed has died.

Is there really a point in living?


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