Autumn TV!

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are the colour of fire and fox fur on the trees, the morning skies are as bright and light and golden as a shiny penny, dew drops rest on the stems of grass like little stars and stomachs squirm in the anticipation of Christmas.

But do you know what’s really exciting? It’s not the play that we hold at the end of the year just before we break up for Christmas. Oh and it’s not the prospect of Halloween. It’s Autumn TV! Have you ever noticed how in summer the television gets terrible because everyone knows you spend you’re time outside enjoying the (not always so) good weather and then when it gets to October it starts getting Awesome again!

What I have watched so far-



Looking pretty good this year. Now, I know that I’m not supposed to like it but I can’t help it! It’s part of my childhood. I associate Strictly with many happy Memories and the judges and dancers are like old friends (oh I’m so cool, aren’t I?)



Atlantis is the story of a young man called Jason (middle) who accidentally gets himself stranded in the city of Atlantis whilst searching for his father in a submarine. Atlantis is basically ancient Greece. In Atlantis he meets Pythagarus (yeah! The triangles man! on the right) and Hercules (but a little different to the way you’ve seen him before- the left). In the first episode some stuff goes down and Jason ends up having to come face to face with the Minotaur. But before that you are introduced to Atlantis and you find out that his father was in Atlantis once as well but is apparently dead. I have my own suspicions of who his mother is. Anyway so it’s the story of Jason and the Argonauts (I think) from Greek mythology but a little bit twisted up. It’s alright but I reserve judgement until I’ve seen a little more of the series.

I was un poco disappointed with episode one and the way it finished, I think that there could have been a more inventive way for Jason to get rid of the Minotaur. However, I wasn’t about to give up on a programme just because the first episode fell a little short. Episode two was much improved with more depth and an intriguing twist. But I won’t spoil it for any of you readers (I don’t really think you exist, though). It’s got a little bit of humour and quite a bit of Greek Mythology. Very good indeed.

The Wrong Mans

I’ve only watched one episode but so far it’s looking rather good. A little bit humorous and with one of my favourite actors from Horrible histories (on the left) and another from Bad Education (we’ll come onto that later!). It’s the story of a man called who witnesses a car crash and picks up a ringing phone that he believes belongs to the man of the car crash. What follows is a threatening phone call from a man telling him that if he doesn’t give him back The Money he will kill his wife. Very interesting indeed!

Bad Education-


Comedy about a bit of a rubbish young teacher called Alfie Wickers who works in a failing school. It’s the very funny happenings of the school with some hilarious characters. It’s the second series and I can safely say that its’ awesome!

The Great British Bake off!


A baking competition! Judged by Mary Berry and Paul Holly Wood with the hilarious and brilliant hosts, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc. The thing I love about this programme is that everyone is really… nice to each other! Unlike in the Great British Menu where they are all really competitive and nasty. It has a lovely homey feel and it’s perfect to snuggle up to. Only problem is that you may be left feeling very hungry!

Educating Yorkshire!


Yes, it’s the programme everyone’s been talking about. We all have our opinions and our thoughts about it and I personally love it. I love Bailey and her eyebrows I love that little deep kid, I love the headmaster and I feel sorry for the poor boy who was being bullied and had anger management issues and I love the whole feel of the school. I know I couldn’t go there though, I’d probably die in the first week.

And now Programmes which are going to be starting again soon.


EEEEK! SO excited! I have my own suspicions about how Sherlock managed to stay alive but we shall see if they end up being true. I saw an advert for it and I screamed for about ten minutes!



Isn’t it exciting! I wonder how Peter Capadilis Capiladas I don’t know what his name is… I wonder how he will do. I hope he does good! Eek! Now that isn’t all there is- obviously- but I’m supposed to be in bed now so it will have to do. Anyway, I’m weirdly excited about the TV programmes which are coming on which is quite depressing to be honest. But I’ll see ya

F x

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