Multiple Reflections…

There’s this artist that draws and paints this amazing artwork that I use for almost all of my profiles- I am a girl of many names *laughs mysteriously and manically*. You know, deep down that there is something very wrong in this world, Leo. Sorry, watching charmed and that’s all I can think about so I am now quoting the show. Ugh. The Avatar guy is creepy.

This artist is called… Kate Powell. She has a website full of amazing designs that I’ve decide to share with you but I’ll also put up a little collection of her work here. It’s beautiful but odd, surrealism. I think it’s just a bit fantastic 🙂 If I lived in America I would very definitely order some of her work.

Collection of PowellAnyway the link is here,

See youxx

Oh, and I’ve recently been downloading film soundtrack scores. I’ve got Penelope, Stardust, Definitely Maybe, Girl in the Pearl Earring, Harry Potter and the order of phoenix and the hobbit. Some of the girl with the pearl earring stuff is quite frankly beautiful. It takes your breath away.

Griet’s theme (Alexandre Desplat)


Vermeer’s Studio (Ditto) This is the only video I could find of it, so I’m sorry if it’s not to your taste 🙂

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