Catching up

And so, it has been a while I suppose and that is because I have been in Greece. Lovely but no internet and no TV. Not even one that gives Greek channels so that I can watch children’s cartoons in Greek and pick up a few words like I usually do. For instance I once figured out how to say cat in Spanish. It is un gato- gatos for plural. A fish is un pez and hello is Hola! That’s as far as I got though.

Lovely Greece!
There’s an amazing myth that goes with this archway. Swim through it once and you find your true love. Three times and you are granted eternal youth- which would you choose?

I was actually hoping that at the place we were staying there would be one of those ancient computers that have those massive monitors that are a gross off-white that always seem to verge towards yellow in their later years with the fantastic key boards that seem to click and clack with such volume and wholesomeness that one cannot find elsewhere. And then you put in euros in a little slot to keep the computers on. I love them too much!

I better be quick because it’s late and I’m jet-lagged and air travel stresses me out! I’m watching “That music show” and I think it’s supposed to be funny. It’s not. Bored. Anyway gotta go. I leave you with this- a meme!

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