Difference in Tastes…

Today for me just highlighted how thoroughly un-teenage-like I am. I am pretty sure that I had my teenage years as a toddler and became positively middle aged from the age of 8. And the result is me. An altogether disappointing specimen of a teenager.

A Couple Key Things That I Get Wrong:

  • My walls – the only decorations I have are postcards  of planets, space photos and the galaxy, big bang theory posters, artwork I did at the age of ten, a horse calender and dolls made of those squishy packaging material things you get in Lush bath stuffs that look like multicoloured wotsits hanging from the ceiling with their heads stuck on with blue tack arranged to look like their in the process of running (It’s actually quite cool) and books, books, books, everywhere.
  • My music taste- highlighted today when we were asked to vote on what to listen to. I hadn’t even heard of half of their bands and groups and artists and I didn’t really want to suggest music I liked. Don’t get me wrong- I like my music taste, otherwise it wouldn’t be my music taste,  but I can’t help  feeling a bit of a fail.
  • I read poetry books. Poem books that tell stories like The weight of water by Sara Crossan and heartbeat by Sharon creech. They tell me “NO! You cannot read them! That is uncool!”                                                    but they are just like  normal stories,                                                               with normal words,                                                                                                         but with a rhythm,                                                                                                     That makes your heart sing,                                                                                         And makes you talk with pauses                                                                           for the rest of the day
  • The things I like to do- I’m actually a really awkward person. Not one of those people who is awkward because it’s cool. I’m actually proper awkward. My legs and arms start to feel to long and I just want to crawl under a table or a piano or scrunch up small in a corner some where. Sitting under tables is actually very relaxing- It’s like a whole other world of bags and interesting pieces of paper. And congealed chewing gum. Ew.
  • I don’t have facebook
  • Or twitter
  • I think goodreads is better.
  • I don’t have something that makes me unique. Everything that I’m good at, someone I know is ten times better. This is just a bit of a fail.
  • My favourite film is pride and prejudice. Or the secret of moonacre. Or a little film set in the eighties called son of rambow. Nuff said right there.
  • I have a bed time
  • I have a shower at 8 O’clock every day.
  • I have a ancient tv with a video cassette bit at the front. And I still watch videos on it. Sure some of them are cool like about a boy or the breakfast club or even shrek, but most of the time it’s barbie movies.
  • Random sentences float round my head in italics.
  • I can’t do my hair in the latest fashion, it doesn’t matter what the latest fashion is- I guarantee I can’t do it.
  • Curby grips don’t stay in my hair
  • My favourite clothes come from M&S and sainsbury’s and at a push next. And once my mother borrowed my cardigan and her friend went “Oh! I have a cardigan just like that.” and mum went, “It’s my daughter’s”

I think it’s pretty clear that I don’t just have different tastes. I all in all just suck at being a teenager. Elizabeth Clary- I know how you feel! Only I suck more than you! I think I will go climb into the fridge. If anyone needs my I’m just chilling.

Please, please, please say it does!
Yes! Down with facebook! You go buzz! I am so proud to have a pic of you on my jammies!
I know- I is so sorry!

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