Dancing with Death

So. It has been a while, has it not, reader who does not exist? Yes, you are right. It has. It really really has. Now I’m sorry for the title. I didn’t really dance with death at all. Of course there is no one here to be disappointed so I don’t think it really matters. Oh! It matters. I’m sorry.

Moving on

Basically I just set fire to the bin. The bin made of wicker. The bin made of wicker with all these sweets and special Kay cereal bar wrappers and plastic in that let off these horrible black fumes that hurt my throat. And the SMELL! God, it was horrible. It happened like this. I was ceremoniously burning a piece of homework for no apparent reason other than I was bored and alone and like fires so why the hell not. And here is why. Now usually after the paper is mostly burnt out, if I put it in the bin it just dies out by itself. This time it did not.

It was only a small flame to begin with, very insignificant, not very important etc etc. So I wasn’t to bothered. Anyway, I thought I better do something about it so I got a glass of water and poured it on. The flames died out a little but beneath that more things had set on fire. I kept on getting other glasses of water saying to myself “Oh, I’m sure it’ll go out in a second.” And it didn’t it got quite big in the end and most of me was scared and a little bit of me was pleased because I’ve never managed to start a fire in the garden that big before apart from the time I used pringles (seriously they burn really well, all this oil comes off of them and you see fat dripping and this horrible blackish chemically smoke comes off it. It really puts you off pringles). Anyway so I took the flaming bin through to the kitchen, put it in the sink and turned on the tap and all was well. Lit some candle to cover the smell and no one was any the wiser.

            So that was my Friday night. Oh! I also watched the film silver linings and it was good and I would recommend it to people only the last time I recommended a film I loved to somebody they told me they thought it was lame and I almost cried. HOW!? HOW COULD THEY NOT HAVE LOVED SON OF RAMBOW! HOW?! Anyway. Ufffff. The homework piles up and I don’t want to do it. Please let this last week of school go really really fast! No seriously, pleeeeeease. Although afterwards we are going to Greece for two weeks and at the risk of sounding like the ungrateful brat I know I can be- I really don’t want to go. I want to go to Connemara (I think I spelt that wrong) in Ireland. Or even to a cottage in Wales. I just cannot stand the heat. UGH! I wish it would rain.

I feel a little… ugh. Today. Surely there must be more to life that this! I mean it can’t, it just can’t carry on like this- what is the point in this life of mine? What effect will I have? Ugh, I can’t explain it very well and as always David Bowie can say it better, so: P.S- aren’t his eyes beautiful? That’s what they’re actually like.

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