Difficult choices…

So, for this week I have a piece of Homework set by my English teacher. This is not exactly an abnormality, however, this particular homework piece made me want to kill my teacher. And this, this is why! He told us to prepare a presentation. Okay, cool, fair enough, I cam deal with that, pray do tell us more. And the presentation had to be… about our favourite book we’ve read this year.

I can’t even decide the favourite book I’ve read this month! This assign,ent is making me really… clueless. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! So, so, so many things I could use for this presentation- so. How to choose?

I’m so tired of people asking me what my favourite book is. It makes me go… “ARRRRGH!” I hate the question so much. I dread it, it sits in the back of my mind like a niggling headache or something you’ve forgotten. What is my favourite  book? And the answer- I don’t know! And I don’t think I’ll be able to…

Anyway this was a bit of a moaning all over the place post but oh well. What’s your favourite book? Do you hate the question too?

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