How to start…

So… How to start. I’m not quite sure why I started writing this. Perhaps it is because I’m bored of doing homework, perhaps it is because I’m sick of reading blog after blog of the same stuff with the same type of person claiming that they are “geeks” because they love Sherlock and Dr Who. But what I really think, is that they are geeks because it’s “in”, they love Dr. Who because everyone does, and have read so many tumblr memes on Sherlock they’ve decided to love it too. Thing is… I’m a little bit like all of these people. However, I’d like to say that I’m a little different in that the fact that I’ve been watching Dr. Who since I was 4 years old, don’t go on tumblr, am an actual real geek with the glasses the spots and the straight A*’s and have loved books before the hunger games came out (from the age of about 2, to be exact).

Okay so now I’ve offended just about anyone who comes across my blog (which is pretty much impossible because it’s set on private, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t trust the internet and computers so who knows who’s reading this?) I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.

1. I go to an all girls school in a boring town with a boring name and nothing much interesting goes on there. I’ll let you know if it does.

2. I am so sick of most american (although I suppose it’s unfair to limit it to just American, there is a ridiculous amount of successful copy cat writers  that are Americans. And I go ahead love the dystopia books they write. Damn the world to hell) YA fiction it’s unreal. If I come across another dystopia trilogy that I end up liking (which will happen), I will scream. I wish I could read something that feels ORIGINAL for once. Something that I can say I love without the knowledge that thousands of other people just like me are saying they love. So I go to the classics and I love them, and I realise that even though millions and millions of people read them, they feel more original than reading current YA fiction. Just because you haven’t got someone going “OMG! I heart Prince Dorian SO much! He is so finnicking HOT!”

3. I hate (I mean, not personally, just generally get annoyed at them) adults who read teen books and then criticise every single aspect of them. It’s like “THEY’RE TEEN BOOKS. YOU’RE A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. DID YOU EXPECT IT TO BE LITERARY GENIUS WHEN IT’S GOT ANOTHER F***ING CANDLE ON THE FRONT COVER AND ANOTHER “SEXY” BAD BOY WHO IS ACTUALLY SOME KIND OF DANGEROUS SUPERNATURAL CREATURE THAT ANY GIRL IN HER RIGHT MIND SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM BUT BECAUSE THEY’RE ATTRACTIVE THEY FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM IN IT AS THE LOVE INTEREST?!! The guy who wrote Dracula is  screaming from his GRAVE people. I apologise for all the capitals. I could not help myself.

4. I like historical fiction. But not the type of badly researched trashy romance with too many historical inaccuracies to count. Reading that makes me despair of the world. I also like well written fantasy. I don’t like the fantasy which is pretty good, but you have a million obsessed people fangirling over. It’s like “get a hold of yourself and leave me alone because your enthusiasm makes my brain hurt.” I like most book types really, I’m quite easy going that way.

5. A couple of times I have been sucked into the fan world of whatever. And thank the lord I got out.

6. I like it when it rains. I’m not saying this to sound different or cool, I promise. I generally do like it. I find summer hellish and thank the god stars that I live in England.

7. I like public transport like buses and trains. But I don’t like the Undergound mainly because of the scene in remember me.

8. I hate the people I love on a regular basis.

9. I have severe anger about irrational things like coat pegs that you are not allowed to put anything on (Seriously- what. Is. The. Point. In. That. Answer? There is none!

Anyway, I better wrap this up because I want to watch an episode of Sherlock before it’s too late. See you. Not that anyone is here. But if you are? Congrats on the whole “breaking down the private thing” and bye. I’m not sure if I’ll be updating this any time soon. To be honest, probably not.

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